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About Us

In 1994 the founder and president of MIDLITE Corporation, Thomas DeCosta, did custom installations and realized that a wall plate for cable pass through used in "In-Wall Multi-Room Audio and Video" residential applications did not exist. He acted on this product need and focused on developing the product line into a successful business.

MIDLITE realized very early on that if it could focus on being the best at just a few products it would be easier to succeed and differentiate the Brand name from the competition. Our Brand name is established in the U.S. market. MIDLITE’s success continues to introduce new but differing products and leverage its patent portfolio to further expand its Brand recognition in not only innovative cable management and low voltage wall plate systems, but in innovative interconnect communication and power products used in Home Theater, Data Communications, Structured Cabling, Office Networking, and Systems Integration.

We are growth oriented:

We continue to innovate and develop unique products for these markets, hold patent positions and leverage the patents into new products and applications. We continue to provide competitive pricing by outsourcing manufacturing locally and abroad. Our customers are supported by well-organized and managed warehousing. Regardless the size of your distribution or order fulfillment needs we can maintain inventory levels to meet your demand through our growing distribution network.

Business Principles:

We believe that distributors who do business strictly on price and margin and don't consider the product quality and design features eventually will end with the least desired products and profit margins. And in the end, will have a harder time differentiating them from the competition and become less competitive and less likely to grow.

MIDLITE Corporation is guided by these business principles; 1.) Lead in innovative product design 2.) Establish competitive pricing based on value versus utility, not by being the least expensive 3.) Design products that differentiate the MIDLITE brand from the competition, 4.) Strive for product excellence, 5.) Focus continuous improvement on all aspect of business, 6.) Manufacture quality products, and most important 7.) Provide more value in our product design and services than the competition.

Business Charter and Responsibility:

Our business charter is to deliver quality innovative products at a great value that are easy to install, provide flexibility in the field, that look really nice in the application and make the installation aesthetically pleasing, and of course to save the installer money in labor and material content.

We design products with an “environmentally conscious being” by recognizing the features of a product application and designing them with engineering integrity and with the least material content possible. We believe big sized products in any product category that consume excess components, plastic and metal are not better but wasteful. Help us bring environmental consciousness to the markets we serve by buying MIDLITE’s products.

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MIDLITE Corporation is an industry leader in low voltage wall plate and cable management systems. We manufacture and sell unique, patented, low voltage accessory products for security, systems integration, telecommunications and custom electronics market.

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